The main purpose in producing this website is to communicate, so accessibility has been a main priority. My web designer, Evie Milo t/a Eskymo, has built this site to comply with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Document Object Model and have followed W3C Web Accessibility Guidelines.

Structured, semantic XHTML markup and CSS

This website is programmed using structured semantic XHTML markup with XHTML heading tags used to convey document structure. Navigation menus have been marked up as XHTML lists, this means that visitors using screenreaders will have the links in the list read out when the page opens. Cascading Style Sheets have been used throughout this website for defining styles and presentation (layout, fonts, colours, margins and borders). CSS benefits accessibility by separating document structure from presentation.

Accessibility Guidelines Level A

As part of the design process, the code was validated against the W3C recommendations for XHTML and CSS and she has endeavoured to make this website comply with all of the W3C Level A accessibility guidelines. To the best of her knowledge this has been achieved throughout the site ensuring that, wherever possible, the content is accessible to people with disabilities.

If you experience any problems accessing the information on this website, please get in touch with me so that I can get Evie to resolve any bugs/issues as soon as possible.

Site Map

The Sitemap can be accessed directly from the footer links panel at the bottom of each page on the site. The Sitemap lists all relevant navigation for the whole site. Use the Sitemap if you would like to find out more about how the website is structured.

Font sizing

This website has been designed and programmed in a way which allows visitors to change the font size of each page to their prefered setting. This can be adjusted through the browser preferences (usually found in the View menu).

Images and Links

All images used in this site include a descriptive alt attribute. Purely decorative graphics include null alt attributes. All links provided in this site include a descriptive title attribute so that when read out of context, still make sense.

Adobe Acrobat

A number of documents on the site are provided in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. In order to view them, you will require a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader